Membership Information




● Maintaining an eligibility code for individual and publication membership.

● Aiding dental societies and publishers in formulating effective advertising policies.

● Holding an annual Editor's Conference open to all interested in dental journalism.

● Presenting a Distinguished Service Award for noteworthy contributors to dental journalism.

● Encouraging high quality journalism by participating in the annual Journalism Awards sponsored by the International College of Dentists.

● Supporting excellence in editorial writing by managing the annual William J. Gies Foundation Editorial Award Program.



● Sponsoring workshops to enhance publishing and editorial skills. Offering workshop scholarships to editors, allowing them to attend sessions sponsored by the AADEJ, the American Dental Association or other dental groups.

● Encouraging participation of dental students by offering student memberships and by inviting student dental editors to AADEJ meetings.

● Co-sponsoring with the ADA a New Editor Dental Seminar program to assist the new dental editor in publication design, content choice and business activities, including advertising.

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The AADEJ supports excellence in all aspects of publishing