Distinguished Dental Editor Award

Presented by: American Association of Dental Editors & Journalists and
ADA Council on Communications



The ADA Council on Communications joins with the American Association of Dental Editors & Journalists (AADEJ) to present the annual Distinguished Dental Editor Award. This award recognizes tripartite constituent editors who have brought exceptional credit to their society, dental journalism, the dental profession, the ADA and organized dentistry in general through the production of high-quality publications and superior leadership and example. The AADEJ is responsible for the judging of this award.


All editors (including executive, associate, managing and contributing editors of dental societies or American Student Dental Association publications) are eligible. Editors who have been retired for no more than one year may also be nominated. (Note: this award is granted only in years when one or more nominees meet the award's high standards.)

Entry Requirements

The nominee's name and tenure as editor and the title of the publication edited by the nominee must be provided in a letter on society letterhead stationary and signed by the society's president and executive director. A statement of approximately 250 words should describe the nominee's qualifications and should include examples of actual performance and results. Publication content (including quality of writing, timeliness and interest of articles, editorials and commentaries), design, format and other features will be considered, as will specific instances of editor leadership as it reflects on a publication, the dental society, the dental profession and organized dentistry. Supporting materials, including the effects of the journalism practiced, must accompany the nomination.

Seven copies of the nomination must be submitted in 1/2 inch ringed binders. Entry materials should be inserted in clear plastic sheet protectors in each binder copy.

Society volunteer leaders, members, executive directors, editorial staff and other editors may make nominations. The nominators must provide their name, mailing address and telephone number, along with the required signatures on the required letterhead, and the name and address of the editor nominated.

Entry Submission Deadline

Entries for each award must be received at the American Association of Dental Editors & Journalists, 750 N Lincoln Memorial Dr, Ste 422, Milwaukee, WI  53202 by Monday, July 6, 2016.


The winner will be presented a certificate at the AADEJ Annual Conference on Tuesday, September 18, 2018. This conference will be held in conjunction with the ADA Annual Session in Honolulu, HI. Notice of the winner will also be made in appropriate ADA publications and the AADEJ Editors Newsletter.

For More Information

Contact the American Association of Dental Editors & Journalists at 414.272.2759.