Certified Dental Editors

In order to be a successful CDE candidate, you must complete 30 hours of continuing education in approved subject areas related to writing, editing and communications. These hours must be completed within four years of your notifying the AADEJ of your intent to apply for CDE recognition. Candidates may submit evidence of completed coursework two years retroactively. A minimum of six total hours each must be completed in at least three of the five CDE subject areas, which include writing, editing, layout and design, editorial leadership and communications. In addition, at least six continuing education hours must be sponsored by a dental organization.

By attending three AADEJ Annual Conferences in a row, CDE candidates will receive 30 CE hours and the proper number of these CE hours in CDE subject areas.

Acceptable evidence of a continuing education activity includes a copy of a certificate, verification form or letter from the granting organization that states the title of the meeting or course, location, date(s), number of continuing education hours and the instructor(s) name(s). This evidence must be attached to the submitted CDE application form.


Applicants will designate continuing education hours, with appropriate subject codes, on the CDE application form. Some continuing education activities will have more than one code. It is the responsibility of the applicant to accurately indicate each code and the number of hours assigned to each code.

CDE application forms will only be accepted by the AADEJ once all CDE designation requirements have been met.

Application Fee

The CDE application fee is US $150.00. This fee helps to defray the costs of application processing and the actual award.