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About the AADEJ



The AADEJ was chartered in 1931 and is composed of dedicated people specifically interested in improving communication within the dental profession and in elevating the standards of dental journalism. The organization is committed to the establishment and encouragement of responsible editorial policy.

Member publications represent state dental associations, component societies, dental specialty groups, dental schools, alumni, dental auxiliaries, students, and commercial publications.



The AADEJ Newsletter (Members Only) is published on a quarterly basis.

The newsletters serve to inform the members of new developments in dental journalism, to record the pertinent affairs of the association, and as a forum for the discussion of journalistic problems.

An Annual Membership Directory provides a network of dental editors for dialogue.


● The development of more effective communication by the membership in their interaction with the dental profession and the public;

● The providing of guidelines for editors to raise the standards of ethics in the dental press;

● The creation of incentives for member editors to encourage striving for excellence in their publications;

● The recommending of policies and programs designed to assist established dental editors and to help train new editors;

● The serving as a forum for dental editors to discuss mutual problems and to exchange ideas.



Editors and staff associated with the production of dental publications and others interested in dental journalism are eligible to join the AADEJ. In accordance with the AADEJ's bylaws, the editor serves as the representative of the member publication. To become a member publication, the publication must meet the qualifications listed in the AADEJ Eligibility Code.


Join us! As dental editors and journalists, we welcome you!